Brandon Attorney Warns Social Security Recipients About Scam

BRANDON, FL — The Social Security Administration is receiving complaints from Social Security recipients about a new "imposter phishing" scheme designed to bilk elderly and disabled residents out of their benefits.

Social Security disability attorney David W. Magann, who has his main office on Robertson Street in Brandon as well as an office on Gunn Highway in Carrollwood, is warning residents to beware of giving any personal information out to strangers.

In the latest scam, Magann said criminals call recipients pretending to be Social Security employees. The imposters inform the recipient that his or her Social Security account has been hacked, and the agency is freezing the recipient’s SSN assets. They then ask the recipient to provide his or her Social Security number "for verification purposes."

"It is inconceivable there are people cruel enough to prey on unsuspecting disability recipients, like has been done on several occasions in Florida," said Magann. "It sickens me. This latest scheme is a great reminder to be suspicious of calls from people you don’t know telling you what could be an outrageous lie."

In response to the scam, the Acting Inspector General issued a statement in early March saying, in part, "This phishing scheme is targeting unsuspecting persons for the purpose of Social Security benefit theft or identity theft."

The Acting Inspector General urged Floridians to be cautious about divulging personal information, such as their SSN or bank account numbers, to unknown people over the telephone or the Internet.

Anyone with questions concerning this new scam can contact Magann at (813) 657-9175.

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